Richard Heard

R&B Artist

Richard Heard is 22 years old and he's a performer not just a singer.He is an overall good artist.He loves to sing and dance. He dances hip hop/ krump/poplock/gliding and more...Music is one of the most important things in his life. He writes every song he sings on. He's not signed at this point he's still looking for the right label. Richard Heard is a hard worker no matter what he puts his mind to. He's very dedicated to his music in his own words" I like music to come from the heart and like to make music for any mood". Richard hopes to be one of the best but in his words" if i cant be the best it's ok cause making it is good enough". Currently he's working on up coming projects such as newer singles, releasing his album, going on tour in the near future, and getting known worldwide. Also the young artist is partners with a soon to be known rapper Eskimo, that is featured on some of Richard's songs as in "Meant 2 be", "We goin to make it", "Boomerang" and etc. The two have many other future plans working together in the music industry. So look out for this upcoming artist in the near by future.